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Links to useful and interesting sites & information

List of Useful Books Published by Church of God and Former Church of God Members

List of old Ambassador College and original WCG theses and papers

Click here for a list of known Sabbatarian groups in Australia

Click here for information on the origin of nations as prophesied in Genesis 10

Inter-Sabbatarian Organisations
Bible Sabbath Association (Australia) Established in 1945 to facilitate communications
Inter-Sabbatarian Home Pages 'Mary's Treasures;’ also Host to Assorted Flavours
Sabbath Keepers International  
Churches, Ministries and Congregations
Association for Christian Development  
Central Highlands Church of God Kingston, Victoria
Christian Educational Services Christian Educational Services
Church of God, International  
Church of God, of Clinton Independent congregation in Clinton, NC, associating with churches of God in various countries
Church of God, an International Community  
Church of God  
Church of God, a Christian Fellowship  
Church of God (Seventh Day)  
Igreja de Deus (7o Dia) no Brasil Iglesia de Dios (Séptimo Dia) en Brasil; Church of God (7th Day) in Brazil
Igreja Universal de Jesus Cristo Sabbath Keepers located in Portugal
Garner Ted Armstrong Evangelistic Association   
Intercontinental Church of God  
Living Church of God Founder Roderick Meredith
Mal’ak Ministries  
Midrash LeKhayim A nondenominational fellowship to support Messianic Believers
Seventh Day Adventists  
Seventh Day Baptists  
RezConnection Rez Connection  is the largest ministry to American Indians in the U.S. It is also one that promotes the Sabbath and is run by the SDB.
7 Times Online Newsletter  
Seventh Day Baptists — Brisbane  
Twin Cities Church of God Minneapolis / St Paul, Minnesota, USA
United Church of God — Australia Includes links to each congregation's site
United Hebrew Congregations Dedicated to the Restoration of the Houses of Israel and Judah
Christian Educational Services Inc. (Australia) Tapes, Literature, Bible Study, Essays & Articles, Radio Programs, Links, etc
Active Bible Church of God Chicago
Hebrew Roots/Messianic Groups in Australia
Bridges for Peace  
Research and Resources
Teaching the Law  
Archival Christianity Study Library Large library covering a wide variety of topics
Barnabas Ministries  
Bible Sabbath Association  
The British Monarchy Official Web Site
British Culture Large compendium of historical information
Christian Walks  
The Christian Connection  
Giving and Sharing (USA) Resources for the Sabbath-Keeper
Hebraic Roots of Christianity Large site. What life was like 2000 years ago
Christian Sabbath Keepers Sabbath History and Resources for Sabbath Keepers
Restoration Foundation Hebrew Roots of the Christian Faith: challenging Christian thinking
Herbert W. Armstrong Library  
Pabco's Resources Booklets by H. W. Armstrong
The Journal The Newspaper of the Churches of God
The Philadelphia Trumpet Magazine of the Philadelphia Church of God
Sabbath Keepers UPLIFTED! To enlighten about the treading down of The Lord's Ten Commandments, especially the Fourth!
Sabbath Research Centre The largest collection of material on God's seventh-day Sabbath on the Internet
The Shofar An independent cyberzine/newsletter for all followers of the Messiah — Rabbi Yahushua HaNatzrati — edited and published by John Steed
Sunrise and Sunset Times On-line calculator
Tomorrow TV On-line TV and radio programs of understanding
Victor Kubik’s Home Website News of the Ukrainian Sabbatarians and much more
List of Independent Churches of God  

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