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There are also other items not listed below at http://www.herbertwarmstrong.org/ and  other sites.

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 version 2.1     Updated 16 February 2013


NB: although I continue to add theses and papers to this site, I no longer add to the list below. Too much time is involved in doing so.


   Have a look at: Index of Literature - A Private Library (882KB PDF) There may be items listed therein which you have or know about and which could be scanned for the benefit of others.

Church History 
  Blackwell,D (1974)          The Plain Truth about the Waldensians. A Handbook 107  http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm
  Kelly,R (1967)          Now Revealed - the True History of the early Christian Church.   http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
  Grabbe,L (1981)          Were the Waldenses a part of God's Church? 33  
  Briggs, LC (1974) Did Peter Waldo Keep the Sabbath? 3  
  Marx,G           The Beliefs and Practices of the Church of God in Transylvania 17 http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm
  Nickels,R (1973)          Six Papers on the History of the Church (Sardis Era)   http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm
  Nickels,R (1973)          History of the Seventh Day Churches of God   http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
    Plain Truth Indexes since 1934   Superseded by websites
    Good News Indexes since 1951   Superseded by websites
    Tomorrows World Indexes   Superseded by websites
    Youth Magazine Indexes   Superseded by websites
    Correspondence Course Indexes (various editions)   Superseded by websites
    900 series index   Superseded by websites
    The Seven Cities of Asia Minor 11 http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm
    True Church – Roman Church Histories in Parallel 7 http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
    A History of the Church in Chile 22 http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm
    Early Literature of the WCG (collection of 1930s material)   http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm
    AC Church History Lectures   http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
  Rogers, D The Historic Phenomena & Theology of the Nazarenes & Ebionites   http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm
The Great False Church        
  Meredith, C.P. (1953)          Satan's Great Deception.   http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm
  Meredith, R.C.(1958-59)  The Plain Truth about the Protestant Reformation.    
  Hoeh,H.L (1952-53)          How and When the Church Festivals were changed.    
  McMichael,S (1969)          The Origin of Medical Practice   http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm
  Albert, D (1973) Peter in Rome?   http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm
  Martin,E (1964)          More About Simon Magus    http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm
  Dorothy,C Gnosticism Unscrambled 11 http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm
    How Cerinthus was lost 5 http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
The Law        
    WCG letter on tithing 6  
    WCG letter on 3rd tithe 1  
  1974 Study paper on tithing 64  
  AC (1974)          Pentecost Study Material   http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm
The Sacred Calendar        
  Kossey,D The Hebrew Calendar : A Mathematical Introduction.   http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
  Herrmann,K (1967) Calendar and Eclipse Interrelationships 110  http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm
    God’s Sacred Calendar 30 http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm
    Calendar Calculations 10 http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm
  Meyer,R The Cycle Change 11 http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
  Herrmann,K Historical Record of a 360 day tropical year 24 http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
  Herrmann,K (1977) Hebrew, Coligny and Venus Cycles 1 http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
  Herrmann,K (1975) Letters to HL Hoeh 1 http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
  Herrmann,K (1966) Eclipse Cycles 1 http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
  Herrmann,K (1971) Solar-Lunar Cycles 1  http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
    The Planetary Week 1 http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
    Computer Programme to calculate holy days 24KB http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
Agriculture, Jubilee, Land Sabbaths   Should we observe the Jubilee Years Today? 2 http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
    Jubilee and the Sabbath Year 4  http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
  1973 The Land Sabbath and its application in the twentieth century 7  http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
    The Ecological Pyramid    http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
  Goonan,T Economic Policy to help man achieve maximum potential.    http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
    Food, Christianity and the State.    http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
    Chain Reference of Agricultural Scriptures in the Old Testament 3 http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
  Sill, DM Wildlife Conservation Principles in the Bible 6 http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
  Connelly, RP (1973) The Bible and the Ecology Crisis 64  http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
  Goonan, TG Economic Policy to help man achieve maximum potential must conform to the Laws of God 11  http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
  1974 Your Living Environment   http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
    Gardening made easy   http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
    Sabbath Dairy Management   http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
    Conquer Disease through Agricultural Law!   http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm   
The Bible        
    Memorise the Bible 6 http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
    Difficult Scriptures 26  http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
    Scripture Recognition 4 http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
  Martin, E (1971)          An Outline of design and development of the Holy Scripture. About 50 of about 400pp Superseded by Restoring the Original Bible book (1994) available for purchase on the web
    Old Testament Survey. Study Paper: Critical Examination of the Massoretic Text – Emendations of the Sopherim 6  hhttp://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
    Old Testament Survey – Genesis 3  http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
    Old Testament Survey – Exodus 3  http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
    Old Testament Survey – Leviticus 3  http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
    Old Testament Survey – Numbers 4  http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm  
    Old Testament Survey – Deuteronomy 3  http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm   
    Old Testament Survey – Joshua 2 http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
    Old Testament Survey – Judges 5  http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
    Component Parts of the Old Tabernacle 5  http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
    Scriptures on Basic Doctrine 8  http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
    Jeremiah’s 19 year time cycles 1 http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
    The Old Covenant vs the New Testament 1 http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
    The Symbols of the Bible 1  http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
  Blackwell, D Be ready always to give an answer 3   http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
    Memorize the Bible 5   http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm
    Examples of Tools for Bible Study 5   http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
  Hoeh, HL (1976) Comments of Phlegon 2   http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
  1969 What was the star at Bethlehem? 11   http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
    Old Testament Prophecies of Christ’s Coming and their New Testament Fulfilments 2  http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
  Herrmann, K (1976) Crucifixion – historical events – meaning/symbolism 11  http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
    Source readings on the doctrine of the millennium 5 http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
The Text of the New Testament 18 http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
    The Acts. Notes and Course Outline   http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
    Daily Bible Reading Plan   http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
  Herrmann, K (1976) 6,000 Years of Man’s History (chart) 1  
  Herrmann, K (1976) Patriarchs’ Lifespans Factored (chart) 1  
  1960s? Bible Chronology Solved! 10  
Miscellaneous Doctrines        
Index of WCG articles http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
  Daily Bible Reading Plan   http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
  Fundamental Doctrines   http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
  AC (c1978)          The Systematic Theology Project 100s  
  Neff, L (1962) Should a Christian Fight?   http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
  Morrison, M (1983)          Bible Doctrines: Scriptures & Notes +100 HTML. Another version contains further information
  Carter,G (1950s) The Truth on Divorce and Remarriage   http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
    Women's Role in Society 280  
  Rice,R What is True Femininity? 16  http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
  Rice,R The Basic Differences Between Men and Women 10  http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
  Rice,R What is True Masculinity? 13 http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
  ? How to know you’ve chosen the right mate for marriage? 20  http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
  Rice,R The Power to Choose 10 http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
    How to take the confusion and frustration out of life 17 http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
  Schulz,R          The Harmony Society. A Nineteenth Century American Religious Utopia 27  http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
    Points to Ponder. The Importance of our time 9  http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
  Albrecht,G          Counselling Teenagers   http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
  Burg, WA Should Artistic Creativity have Restraints?   Retyped by J Wheeler 2003. Word document available at http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm
  Coward, RK (mid 70s)
Walton, M
Is the Spirit in Man the Key to Creativity? 9 http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm
Origin of Nations        
  McNair,R (1963)          Key to Northwest European Origins   www.originofnations.org
  Apartian, D (1967)          The French Speaking Peoples in Prophecy   www.giveshare.org
  Marx,O (1969)          A Two Thousand Year Analysis of the German Character    http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm
  Martin,E           The Race Change in Ancient Italy    www.giveshare.org
  Rea,B (1968)          The True Origin of the American Indian    http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm
    Sea Gates and Passages and Possessions 3  http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm
    US & British Commonwealth. References to Jeremiah   http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm
    WCG booklet references to the minor prophets 6  http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
Reipas, A
The Identity of Finland 26  www.originofnations.org
  Christophersen, P Denmark and the Tribal Question 56  www.originofnations.org
  Gutierez, V (1970s) Tracing the Identity of the Spanish People 61  http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
  Hoeh, HL (c1957) Location of the Tribes of Israel   www.originofnations.org
  Unknown Notes on the 'Lost' Tribes of Israel Today   www.originofnations.org
  Neff,L (1986)          God's Temple in Prophecy 87  http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm
  Elder, W (1979) The Number of the Beast 4  http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm
  Burky,R (1989)          Creative Development    http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm
  Schulz,R (1967)          Exploring Ancient History: The first 2500 years 200? http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
  Kneebors,M (1973) A Chronological Outline of History.    
  Hoeh, HL ? Classical Authors. Greek and Latin 22  http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm
  Grabbe, LL Josephus as Historian and Apologist. 25  http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm
    Flavius Josephus. An index to vital subjects. 26 http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm
    Index to the Works of Tacitus 17  http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm
  Hoeh,H.L. (1969)  Compendium of World History (2 vols).   www.originofnations.org
  News Bureau (1978) Is a Conspiracy Responsible for America's Decline?   http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
  Hoeh, HL (1983) Notes Regarding Reigns of Kings 6 http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm
  Wenstiel, L (1965) The Sanhedrin 9  
  Hoeh, HL (1976) When did Nebuchadrezzar Conquer Jerusalem? 13  http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm 
  Ginskey, RA The Fate of the Universe – Open of Closed? 12 http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm
  Burky, R The Theory of Development. A Viable Alternative to Evolution 7  http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm
  Burky, R The Physical evidence for time and faunal succession in the geological record. 149 http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm
  Hoeh, HL (1977) Text of message on history etc 1 9 http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm
  Hoeh, HL (1977) Text of message on history etc 2 5 http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm
  Hoeh, HL (1977) Text of message on history etc 3 6 http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm
  Hoeh, HL (1977) Text of message on history etc 4 8 http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm
  Hoeh, HL (1977) Text of message on history etc 5 4 http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm
  Hoeh, HL (1978) Text of message on history etc 6 9