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(Herbert W Armstrong, old WCG and old AC Apologetics)

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Note: The literature contained within the directories below are among the many items that are available which provides further detail to our traditional beliefs. Of course, we should not accept every word in these articles. But they do assist providing further proof for the true doctrines and supplements the old AC materials available at http://www.friendsofsabbath.org/ABC.htm


Cross-reference these items to the list of suggested books (by subject order) for further study available here.



Short Description

Relevant Websites

Fascinating information on God’s Word


Bible & Library Software

Free software for Bible research


Born Again

Proof that Christians are born at the resurrection. Items in this folder include: Begotten Again, or Born Again, Which? by Pastor David Nield (Church of God, 7th Day; Auckland, New Zealand, 1902)


British-Empire Books & Maps

Books, maps etc about the British Empire in PDF

British-Israel Charts

Charts, maps, graphics of the migrations of Israel and the British Royalty


British-Israel Literature

A variety of papers proving that the peoples descended from the NW Europeans are Israel

www.originofnations.org/books, papers/index.htm

British-Israel: Further Old Literature

Old, out-of-print British-Israel and other literature in PDF


British-Israel: Doug Morley Research

Doug Morley's Research Papers. Doug died some years ago; thankfully I had some of his papers which I have scanned


British-Israel: Bert Otten's Articles

Research articles on the 'lost' tribes of Israel including Zebulun and Issachar.


Carl Franklin Excellent articles on the Godhead and also the Calendar Issue  

Christian Biblical Church of God publications

Books and research papers on the calendar, Passover, 2 Jehovahs of the Old Testament and many other fascinating Biblical doctrines



Heaps of books, papers and research on both Old and New Testament chronology. Fascinating!


Church Governance

How should the Church of God be organised?



Is Cremation Biblical?


e-Books on history etc

Scores of free books in PDF



Environment & Agriculture

What are the Bible principles for the environment, agriculture and animals?


Ezekiel's Message

Booklets and articles


Finance & Tithing

Bible law on financial issues, tithing and offerings


Garth Wardrop Research

Research on Bible Chronology, Bible History and other topics



How many Beings constitute the Godhead? Did a minority of Jews in the 1st century believe in the duality of the Godhead?


God's Plan

God's great plan for mankind. Why were you born?



Does God heal today?



What are the laws to healthful foods and good living?


Hebrew Calendar

Which of the 8 or so calendars is the right one to use?


History of the Sabbatarian Movement

Scores of articles and papers on this fascinating subject


Holy Days

Information on God's holy days?


Law of God

The 10 Commandments and other laws


Mandela - the Truth Media hype and intelligenisa hysteria is promoting Mandela as saint. His fruits show him to be a very bad man. Here he is in his own words  

Male-Female Roles

Should women be ordained as pastors and elders?



Lots of interesting and useful items


National Origins

Variety of books and papers on Genesis 10, origin of nations etc


Paganism & RCC

Pagan days and beliefs within modern Christendom


Place of Safety

A heap of information on the prophesied Place of Safety. Will it be Petra?


Political Correctness

What the Bible has to say about homosexuality, abortion, feminism, euthanasia etc.


Pre-Adamic World

Is the world 6,000 years old? Or billions?



The Decline and Fall of the Anglo-Saxon Nations Prophesied (Original text by Herbert W. Armstrong from the booklet 1975 in Prophecy - revised by HRP in 2000.) and other papers


Royal Family

The line of David over the centuries


Royal Family - even more information

Books, charts and PDF books



Proofs for the 7th day Sabbath


Sam Bacchiocchi’s Research

Literature, videos and audios by Dr Bacchiocchi


Sermon on the Mount, Prayer, Fasting, Fruits of Spirit

Developing the beatitudes, fruits of the spirit, spiritual gifts etc essential aspects of spiritual growth


Seven Eras

The Seven Assemblies as a Whole by E W Bullinger plus many other fine books and articles on the 7 churches of Asia Minor


SDA history materials

Interesting books and papers on the history of the Adventists etc


Typology & Symbolism

Books and articles on typology of the sacrifices, tabernacle etc


Video & Audio Clips

Educational clips on WW2, ancient history, British Empire, Royalty etc. Included is a program to download to enable you to view these clips for free


World History

Interesting articles on the history of our world