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The Bible Sabbath Associates - Giving & Sharing is a non-denominational Christian service dedicated to the provision of information, Bible study resources and teaching materials on a variety of subjects. It's primary focus is on the seventh day Sabbath and related topics. Therefore it upholds the aims and ideals of the Bible Sabbath Association and the Giving and Sharing Ministry founded by Richard Nickels.   


1. ITS INCEPTION: The B. S. A. was begun because of the widespread and growing realization of man's need for the sacred Sabbath of Scripture with its immeasurable benefits and the obvious necessity, because its restoration can become general, for its promulgation wholly apart from other religious issues.

2. ITS PROGRAM: To bring together into one strong organization all believers in the Bible Sabbath, regardless of sect, creed, or denomination, for the sole purpose of spreading knowledge of, belief in, and observance of God's only weekly holy day.

3. ITS BASIS: Such challenging facts as these concerning the Biblical seventh-day Sabbath - 

4. ITS AIMS: Creation of the very highest possible ideals and practices in individual and group life -

5. ITS METHODS: A carefully balanced use of God's Word and other books, pamphlets, periodicals, platforms, pulpits, radio broadcasts, television programs, personal work, and cooperation in promoting Sabbath observance by individuals and groups.

6. ITS STANDARDS: Tolerance in all its activities; accuracy and thoroughness in its efforts; attractiveness in its products; complete accountability for all funds and entrusted properties; periodical reports, investigations, and audits in such detail and with such frequency as shall insure compliance with these and other right principles.

7. ITS INVITATION: The Bible Sabbath Association extends a cordial invitation to every believer in God's recorded Will to cooperate in its great work by devoting a part of his or her time and means for advancing the Sabbath Truth and to become a member of the Association and to share in shaping its policies and carrying on its lofty purpose of promoting the Creator's only weekly Holy Day and increasing understanding, goodwill and cooperation among Sabbathkeepers everywhere.  

Introducing ... GIVING & SHARING

Established in 1978 by Richard C. Nickels, GIVING & SHARING is an activity of Sharing & Giving, Inc., a USA non-profit religious service. It is not a church organization. Volunteers perform most of the work. Giving & Sharing was established in Australia in 1996 by David Hill. GIVING & SHARING operates a non-profit mail order bookstore serving Sabbath-keepers around the world. A suggested donation to cover our wholesale cost is appreciated, but not necessary. If you cannot afford to send a donation, we will send an item free or on loan, as funds are available. Special Orders: We can ship direct to you most Bibles, Bible reference books, and religious books in print, at discount prices. Provide us the ISBN number, Author, Title, Publisher, and Retail Price. Australian discount is 20% off retail. Our Goal: To distribute Bibles, religious books and articles at the lowest possible cost; to promote the Good News of the Kingdom, observance of Biblical Law, Bible Sabbath and Holy Days, Tithing, Healing, Laws of Health, Marriage and Family; to oppose eating Unclean Meats, observing Holidays of Pagan Origins, Divorce and Remarriage, and Sexual Perversions.