Phone call between Raymond F McNair and Dr Hoeh (Chronology Update), 3rd December, 1997, 3pm (these are Mr McNair's notes): 

Dr. Hoeh: he is in a position to support a * "change of my perspective" of Israel
--can prove date "about" 930 B.C. is a correct date which appeared in The World Ahead
--Edwin Thiele -- first year of Rehoboam was 930 B.C.
    - spring to spring not autumn to autumn
    - cannot move this date up or down
    - Jews recognized autumn to autumn
        Harvard Sem. Monograph #48
        "Studies in the Chronology of the Divided Monarchy of Israel"
        by William Hamilton Barnes
        Scholars Press 1991 Harvard Univ.
    - Kings of Tyre are linked with building of temple -- Solomon 1561 (?)
-- 1446 date of Exodus
-- 1406 Jordan crossing
-- 3983 Creation
-- 2328 Flood
*  2327 end of Flood
-- 1975 Abraham's birth
-- 1800 Abraham's death
--  6 1/2 yrs. after crossing of Jordan land was divided after 400 yrs.
A correction is in order
-- Beg. of Jeroboam's/Rehoboam's reign(s) = 930 B.C.
-- 3983 B.C. = Creation
--2328-2327 B.C. = Flood
-- End of 6,000 = 2018 A.D.
-- Edwin Thiele
    Thiele has correct date at the beginning of Jeroboam's/Rehoboam's reigns.


       by Edwin Thiele

-- 1446 = Exodus
-- 1406 = Entry into Promised Land
-- Jehu = "Yahu" (Assyrian records)
-- Spring of 930 B.C. = Beg. of Jeroboam's reign
-- Velikovsky & Amalekites

    - Dr. Hoeh doesn't think history/archaeology supports the idea that the "AMALEKITES" invaded Egypt right

        after the Exodus of Israel.

-- 1975 B.C. = Abr. Birth
    1800 B.C. = his death
    1876 B.C. = God's Covenant with Abraham

To assist those who would like to know a little more about Hoeh's Compendium, I quote the following letter from him to a WCG member and which I personally saw and copied (this is all verified by those that have spoken with Hoeh):


"Dear Dr Hoeh,


I heard recently that you have rewritten The Compendium of World History and that it is available in book stores. If this is so could you please let me have some information, so that I could purchase a copy.


Yours sincerely,


(dated 16 April 1982)"



Dr Hoeh's response:


"Dear Mr (name withheld),


Your information is erroneous [re the availability in book stores]. I have edited some areas needing corrections - Egypt, Mesopotamia, Early Assyria, Hittites, archaeology, geology and the latter half of Exodus route (beginning after Sinai) [this would amend most of vol. I - Craig]. The Church at this moment has limited interest in understanding these matters so I am correcting only what is necessary for the Plain Truth, etc, as in Keith Stump's reference in the GN to the Israelites in slavery - Exodus 1443; Thutmose III beginning 1504; Flood 2325-2324; crossing Jordan 1403; Solomon 968-928.


Herman L. Hoeh"


The above means that most of volume 1 of the Compendium has been revised but most of volume 2 remains valid.


 You will find this revised thinking in the following articles:

  • Stump, K (1988) "Pharoahs of the time of the Exodus", GN, March-April

  • Stavrinides, K (1986) "The Home of Abraham", GN, June-July

  • Stump, K (1980) " The Stones Cry Out", GN, Dec

  • Stump, K (1982) " As Passover Approaches ... a New look at slavery in ancient Egypt",  GN, March

  • Hoeh, HL (1979) "The Revelations of Archaeology", GN, April

  • Hoeh, HL (1980) "A New look at Ezekiel's Prophecy on Tyre", GN, Dec

  • Hoeh, HL (1987) "A Sealed Prophecy", GN, Nov-Dec

  • Hoeh, HL (1979) "Revelations of Archaeology", GN, April.

  • See also comments by Hoeh contained in the 19.1.86 Coworker Letter; some changes in the "Crucifixion was not on Friday"; some minor changes in "The US & Britain in Prophecy".