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(Herbert W Armstrong, old WCG & old AC Apologetics

& repository of rare WCG & AC papers and audios)

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 List of Useful Books Published by Church of God and Former Church of God Members
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Welcome to your virtual online Ambassador College. Note: this is the first tentative step toward the online college. It will be  developed and improved upon over the months and years.

In this site we provide you with a huge amount of resources and information which was available at Ambassador College. There are other materials by CoG members that also fit with our beliefs contained within the folders below. Others will be added in due course.

Feel free to print out this material and to pass them on to friends! But do not plagiarise.

Please read the list of theses and papers we are still trying to locate.

  Archaeology & History Lectures, General Epistles, Minor Prophets, Psalms, Proverbs, Song of Solomon, Acts, Church of God history Presented by Herman L Hoeh, Raymond McNair, Roderick Meredith, Leroy Neff, Dean Blackwell, Russell Duke, Peter Nathan, Richard Paige, Don Ward, Melvin Rhodes, Scott Ashley, John Ogwyn, Ron Kelly,  Bill Bradford etc sermons. History of Ambassador College audios here
  Alonzo T Jones A former SDA scholar, then associate of the Church of God and colleague of Greenberry G Rupert
  Ambassador College Correspondence Course The tremendous 58 lesson course that is sought after by some many plus the 32 lesson course.
  Ambassador College History & its  Treasures AC History, Catalogues, Pictorials, Photographs, Beautiful treasures that were once at AC. Also audios of the history of AC
Apostasy! Information on the great end-time apostasy in the Church of God!
  Article Reprints Scores of old WCG articles
  Ascent to Greatness America's divine history explained by Raymond F McNair
  Bible Advocate Articles by HWA published in the Church of God (seventh day) publication, the Bible Advocate in 1928
  Bible Bowl Fun way to test one's Bible knowledge
  Bible Story Basil Wolverton's story of the Bible for children in 6 volumes
  Bible Study Papers, Research, Theses on various aspects of God's Word
  Bible Study Tools Links to dictionaries, lexicons, research, parallel Bibles etc
  Booklets Old WCG booklets scanned
  Bylaws and Constitution Various editions of the Radio Church of God and Worldwide Church of God bylaws and constitutions
  Church Materials (various) hymnals, policies, guidelines etc
  Coworker Letter & Bulletin of the Churches of God All of HWA's Coworker Letters 1930s - 1980s
  Church of God History The 2,000 year history of Sabbatarians
  Church of God History - further resources Huge amount of information on the Giving & Sharing site
  Church of God History audios & videos Dozens of Sermons and lectures on the subject inc many be Dr Hoeh. (NEW)
  Church of God News The COG News from the 50's and 60's.  Each church region  produced its own version with copy also provided from Pasadena.  These are principally mid-west  regions, but the UK and Australia also had their own issues as well
  Church of God history by Richard Nickels Hundreds of pages of fascinating information
  Church of God (Seventh Day) Information about CG7 pioneers etc here and miscellaneous information here
  Craig White's articles Articles, notes and charts on church history etc
  Divorce & Remarriage Doctrine Articles on the doctrine from the 1940s until 1980s
  Economy and Finances What does the Bible say about economics and finance?
  Environmental, Agricultural & Health Issues What does the Bible teach on environmental issues, land sabbaths, jubilee years etc?
  Envoys Envoys since 1949
  Greenberry G Rupert Church of God pioneer early 1900s
  Hebrew Calendar There are about 8 variations of the Hebrew Calendar. Which is the correct one to use?
  Herman L Hoeh Papers (PIONEER) Most senior WCG pioneer, after HWA (updated). Sermons and studies here
  Herbert W Armstrong books etc His most popular books in PDF plus other materials and articles of interest
  Herbert W Armstrong Research Centre (DVD & CD Library and Archives) Preserving the literature and memory of the man God used to revive the Work in these last days
History of  Foreign Works The Works in Europe, Australia etc. The Spanish, French, German Works etc
  Hymnal, Music, Song leading Copies of various editions of the hymnal, song leading guidelines, information on Dwight Armstrong
  Israel Identity Where are the 'lost' 10 tribes today?
  Key to NW European Origins Brilliant 1963 MA thesis by Raymond F McNair
  Kenneth Herrmann Papers (PIONEER) Thesis, papers, articles and letters by Kenneth Herrmann
  Leroy Neff Papers (PIONEER) Excellent articles and papers by a pioneer
  Male-Female Roles Countering the politically correct agenda
  Ministerial Resources Visiting Program; Guidebooks; DELS; YOU; YES; Preparing for the Ministry; Ordination Certificate; Marriage Ceremony etc
  Miscellaneous Variety of papers which do not fit into other categories
  National Identities Biblical identities of certain nations
  Noah's Flood Was the flood global? Is it believable?
  Origin of Nations Link to a site with a heaps of research on Israel Identity and the nations listed in Genesis 10 (the Table of Nations)
  Pastor-General's Reports PGRs from 1979 - 1984
  Plain Truths Magazines from the 1930s
  Photographs and Graphics Scores of photos and graphics of HWA, GTA, old WCG pioneers, HWA crest, prayer rock, certificates, Wolverton's illustrations  etc
  Pre-Adamic World What happened on the earth prior to Adam and Eve?
Prophecy, Ezekiel's Message & Place of Safety A variety of articles and charts on prophetic topics. Further information on the Ezekiel Message doctrine available here.
  Raymond F McNair Papers (PIONEER) Papers and articles. Sermons here
  Richard C Nickels (Church historian) See his website:  www.giveshare.org
  Richard Rice's papers Articles and papers on marriage, dating and relationships
  RCC, Paganism etc Pagan beliefs within Christendom
  Robert E Fahey Articles and sermons inc. 2 very rare sermons on the Place of Safety (1980). He was an AC graduate 1965; Evangelist; HWA's Executive Assistant; member of the Council of Elders and Regional Director for South Africa, Australia, Canada. Sermons here
  Roderick C Meredith Papers (PIONEER) Papers and articles. Sermons here
  Saturday Resurrection Research Was Christ really resurrected on a Sunday?
Seventh-day Adventists Large collection of historical information and research
  Seventh Day Baptists Historical works valuable for sabbatarian history research
  World History Scanned papers bringing a unique perspective to history - perceptions by the Church of God
  US & Britain in Prophecy Various editions of this valuable book since the 1930s (plus some other related books). Refer also to this link comparing the various editions of this book here.
  Worldwide News Many editions available here
  Youth Bible Lessons Lessons for all ages from the 1980s
  Folder of information Many files of indexes and lists
  HWA Searchable Archive - install this program and you will be able to search the old literature on your PC!
  Index of Magazines (PDF) - The Plain Truth Magazine (February 1934 - December 1994)
- The Good News Magazine (April 1951 - December 1990)
- Tomorrow’s World Magazine (June 1969 - April 1972)
  Index of Magazines (text) as above
  Partial List of old AC papers and theses a member's private collection
  Topical Index   (cover) Listing of basic Scriptures by subject
  Global Church of God literature The Global Church published some of the finest literature among the Church of God community. You will find all of their literature here
  Lion and Lamb plaque Similar to official plaque of WCG
  List of old AC theses and research papers An online listing of those that are still available
  Books published Published by members and former members
  Statement on old theses Comments by Larry Salyer
  Against the Gates of Hell Book by S Rader




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